Andrea Heat

Andrea Heat received our first fan sign today, from busty Latin babe Andrea Heat and very welcome it is too! Andrea heat is a sensual woman who enjoys spending time getting frisky in from of loads of ogling men via webcam! Heres a few details about Andrea Heat in her own words …

Before I started as a Camgirl I was a regular Girl With Big Boobs, I used to work office hours being bored everyday with no action going on in my life, I used to have a boyfriend but after a while I realized that I needed more action, more adrenaline in my life, so one day I saw a friend of mine working behind the camera and I just Love It and after a week …. I was broadcasting my own room, > after that my life has changed, now I have new experiences in my room, I meet new people and the best thing of all is that I can get many ORGARMS a day and I love it.

Check out her own personal website at ANDREA HEAT!